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The app is available on both Android and iOS. Create your account and take your Travel Personality Selfie! Who you are defines the way you travel too, so find out if you are a Cultural Explorer/ Sophisticated Traveller/ Planned Journeyer/ Outgoing Trendsetter or Offroad Wanderer!

based on your mood

Not only do you get to pick your destination, dates of travel, and who you are traveling with, but our unique Booking flow then takes into consideration most importantly your mood. Based on whether you are in the mood to Dare Yourself, Relax, Find Myself, Surprise, Love in the Air or Make Memories – your recommendations are lined up!

tailored just for you

Based on the context of your trip and your mood, we will give you results which are relevant and personalised for you.

personalised just for you

Based on your Travel Personality Selfie you will receive personalized recommendations for staycations! You can vote for these recommendations (whether you like them or not!), share them with family and friends and/ or add them to your wishlist for later.

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Earn Happiness Tokens with your Staycation bookings on the app. These tokens can then be redeemed when you travel again. trippal's unique, one-of-a-kind e-gifting platform allows you to buy happiness tokens which you can then gift to friends and family via the app for them to redeem and enjoy amazing staycation experiences of their own.

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trippal simplifies holiday bookings based on users’ personality and moods. trippal inspires, recommends and enables Staycations all in one app.

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